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We believe that ThePirateBay is as essential for our society as Wikipedia, thus we are dedicated to providing tools to help you achieve great things with TPB.

We want TPB to benefit to all, even non english-speaking people and want to foster the development of digitization and sharing communities around the world.

Add your language code before wikibay.org such as fr.wikibay.org to switch languages! (coming soon)

Let's upload everything that mankind has ever created, knowledge, music, inventions, movies, books so that we won't ever again lose any creation of the human mind!

For our decentralized editor see: Pirate Editions

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We are not affiliated with The Pirate Bay nor do we host or link to any illegal content. Please do not censor us, we are peaceful people fond of beauty, art, culture, music, knowledge, kindness and humanity. For contact or DMCA, see: contact

Background music is a recording of Great Open Sea sung by Wellington Sea Shanty Society in 2013. If you want to hear it, click on the pirate on the bottom of the page. Their website: http://wellingtonseashantysociety.com/

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Donations are welcome as they help us maintain this project and others to change the world here is our paypal and BTC address.
Feel free to contact us if you want to give us anything else.

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