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The History of the wikibay domain

Before we thought of this project, before even TPB existed, a German fellow created wikibay, it was an alternative to wikipedia, without censorship, as the internet archive shows us.

It then died and became a parking page for several years. As noone wanted to buy the domain for a crazy amount of money, the domain trolls that seized it stopped paying the annual fee and it became available for us to enjoy. \o/

What we are building here is in the lineage of his work, enabling everyone to contribute to (and all the trackers behind it) so that we can all build a library of Alexandria filled with all the creativity and knowledge of mankind, a library for all that will last even longer than our nasty friends the majors and give them headaches until their last breath.

I have faith in the fact that thepiratebay will still be around when they will be dead, buried and long forgotten.

An early save of the “Hauptseite” (main page) of the old website lies under here (if you are the former administrator we'd love to talk with you of that former project of yours, it seems like it was a great thing that you had there, feel free to contact us).

Here is a translation in english:

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Donations are welcome as they help us maintain this project and others to change the world here is our paypal and BTC address.
Feel free to contact us if you want to give us anything else.

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