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-There are three steps to adding a file to TPB: 
-  - Creating a torrent file of your file using your regular torrent client 
-  - Seeding it  
-  - Adding it to TPB 
-  - Patting yourself in the back and drinking something you enjoy 
-If you can't upload it yourself, we may take care of it, feel free to [[upload|send it to us]]  
-Some good practice: 
-  * It is recommended to keep all the original files (if possible in read only mode) in a dedicated folder along with the .torrent file, description and title of your upload, just in case 
-  * You can get people to download by advertising on the [[https://​pirates-forums.org|forums]] (it's free of course) 
-  * The seeder counter on TPB takes some time to update, don't panic if it shows 0 seed. 
-  * You can add links to an image related to your upload in your description using the free image host [[http://​bayimg.org|bayimg]] 
-  * Some file extensions are banned from uploading into a specific category (for instance a .mp4 in ebooks) 
-  * Please add the language in the tags of your file for people to be able to filter what they seek 
-  * There is a guide on the TPB forum https://​pirates-forum.org/​Thread-2010-How-to-create-and-upload-a-torrent-using-uTorrent 
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