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 ====== Pirate Editions ====== ====== Pirate Editions ======
-Pirate Editions is an attempt ​to a standard for published books, we define ​guidelines based on common sense that people are invited to use when they publish ​a book. We also have guides on printing and binding said bookdistributing the ebook and even digitizing old books.+Pirate Editions is an attempt ​of a standard for published books, we list guidelines based on common sense that people are invited to use when publishing ​a book. Being an open projecteveryone is welcome to propose new guidelines see: [[contact]]
-What do you need?+We also have guides on printing and binding said book, distributing the ebook so that it's saved //forever// and even digitizing old books without destroying them. 
 +===== What do you need? ===== 
 +[[Pirate Editions:​Searching for a book|I'​m desperatly searching for an ebook, where can I find it for free?]]\\ 
 +[[Pirate Editions:​Digitize a book|How do I digitize a binded book without destroying it?]]\\ 
 +[[Pirate Editions:​Create an ebook|The rules for creating and publishing a great ebook]]\\ 
 +[[Pirate Editions:​Print some book|Printing and binding a paperback volume]]\\ 
 +[[Pirate Editions:​Writing my own book|The guide to writing and publishing my own book]]\\
-[[Pirate Editions:​Digitize a book|Digitize a book]] 
-[[Create an ebook]] 
-[[Print some book]] 
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