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 ====== The magic behind the magnet link ====== ====== The magic behind the magnet link ======
 +The magnet link is one kind of a feat. In one line it tells to the web browser to open it with a torrent client with the //magnet:// statement, as in //http://// then it contains all the necessary info for the client to find the parts of the file: the hash of the files contained in the torrent, to check for it's intergrity, then the name of the upload and lastly a few trackers to ask peers to.
 +It has one single flaw: there is no client side authentification nor possibility to use a private tracker, so anyone can use it and get the file from another tracker, no way to restrict how much you can share! Not really a flaw after all!!!
 magnet:?​xt=urn:​btih:​0395f704ef1f7dbfa49ae850015b889f982e9212 magnet:?​xt=urn:​btih:​0395f704ef1f7dbfa49ae850015b889f982e9212
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